Wednesday, February 13, 2013

First of the New Year

The beginning, there is always one....

....trying to recall what I learned, but still be in the moment of true expression.... 

....without a care in the world, and yet caring so much for a positive ending....

I finally took the time to paint the other morning. It had been months, but with an art show, a trip to Costa Rica, 2 holidays thrown in (hosting and being hosted), moving out of my NE studio, moving into/rearranging/organizing my home studio, plus life in the midst of it all, the stars and paintbrushes were finally aligned.

 I felt a bit like a fish out of water. Everything from figuring out the location of my palette in my new working space, to trying my new painting medium, to the messy oil painted mess I created (I was quickly covered with oil paint  - it covered paper towels, hands, camera, brushes - and thankfully, yes, canvas). It felt good though, and I was quite excited by having bridged the first painting session of the year.

I started 4 paintings, 3 on cradle board (so different than canvas to paint on! - obviously with no give and such a very smooth surface (unlike my previous wooden canvas of old doors and reclaimed wood)), and 1 on stretched canvas. I photographed as I went trying to find the balance in black and white tones despite painting in color.

There was the obvious pleasure of creating again, but I did walk away with a "what now?!" feeling. Granted more layers are to come for each of the above, but I felt the need for something more... something more like my other oil paintings. I wanted to see the details of a story, I wanted to tell a really good story to you, the viewer. 

I'm curious about this line of an idea..... and am noodling it around regularly....  trying to find the answers to the questions (i.e. how do I incorporate a bit of each style into one painting?) 
Hmmmmm..... so as always, stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Closet Transformed

This winter has been one of complete reorganization. Starting with my home studio, moving to the laundry room, the kitchen drawers, my personal closet, nearly all of these catch-alls are showing my touch. I think? the last of these is the large closet downstairs. A major catch-all for everything, I decided it would be better put to use for storing art. 

I brought my idea to my dad who has the talents of combining both scientific mathematical skills with creative ones. He thought it doable and I sent him my specifications (hopefully correct measurements, sitting up above the ground (in case of unwanted water), dividers to keep artwork upright, and carpet to protect frames as they are slid into place). This last weekend he brought the piece over and installed it.

And I have to say it's perfect! I'm quite excited to fill it with all of our mat board, foam core, unframed and framed artwork and photographs. But first, I'm inspired to patch the holes and paint the walls (is that really necessary for a closet?  will the artwork even know/appreciate this extra touch?)... and thus I feel the dishevelment in the outlining rooms will need to wait a bit longer until this inspiration is laid to rest.....

My dad on top of the backside of the cabinet -  he created 2 pieces
(currently face down, side by side)  in order to fit through the closet doorway.

He then screwed the 2 cabinets together in the back so
that the entire unit would be one.

Lifted and pushed back into place, my husband and dad put
the finishing touches also into place. Okay, artwork, here I come!

Friday, February 8, 2013


The below image almost looks like a strange sort of cocktail. I wouldn't recommend drinking it though.  As I measured and mixed together the ingredients for the selected oil painting medium recipe, I almost felt like a scientist or mixologist. I'm curious to see what this is like to work with. I doubled the recipe with the hopes that it is indeed what I'm wanting on all levels of sheen, drying time, viscosity, and cohesion. I guess time will tell (as it does for nearly everything else)..... Stay tuned!