Thursday, September 29, 2011

Prepping for tomorrow's painting day

Ready to go!
I'm looking forward to pursuing the ideas that have been tumbling around in my mind since before our travels. I pulled out the wood cradles this morning, looking and feeling for the 'right' size. The ones shown here are the winners - I figure they can be both horizontal and vertical in nature....

Sunday, September 25, 2011

An introduction made....

in un mondo di fiaba 
(in a world of fairytale)
My husband and I were able to spend a day in Genova, Italy this last month. Walking the character-filled streets we came across Il Vicolo Galleria d'Arte. I spotted a piece (Emanuele's Concerto grosso di Bach) through the window and had to go in.

I realize the image to the left is quite small and therefore certainly doesn't give justice to the piece itself, but it was the closest I could find on the web that reminded me of my recent love at first sight.  Created by the late Emanuele Luzzati I was drawn immediately to the colorful and dream-like state of his work. I was also intrigued by the variety of medium the artist used in one piece.

I do think I need to see the short films he has created as well as the children's books he's illustrated. And I can just imagine the costumes and sets he designed! I'm sure his style was through and through.... He would probably be one of those people I would love to have met....

Thursday, September 1, 2011

My head was pulled in all directions

Near 2 years ago, I was inspired to paint a series of 1 dozen eggs (because of my infatuation with eggs!). Each painting (measuring approx. 5" x 7") would be on a piece of old dock section from my parents' place. I began laying out with fingers and paint the 12 subjects, but then, unexpectedly (despite my enthusiasm for my idea) I stopped due to a road block of not knowing how to proceed. How could the idea of painting something seemingly simple in form halt my progress? and so I pushed them aside.....

One of the 12 eggs set aside.....

Jumping forward to 2011: at the beginning of the summer I signed up for a class at Minnetonka Center for the Arts. Titled "Passionate Painting", taught by local impressionistic painter, Michele Combs, I  was intrigued about the idea of approaching a painting in a loose, yet controlled, and yet passionate, manner.

So already a couple of weeks ago, my head was pulled in all directions - by the end of the second day it hurt! but oh in such a good way! I was being challenged - on all so many levels - levels I hadn't anticipated  :)
  • I stood to paint when I normally sit
  • I used an easel when I normally use my lap to hold my paintings
  • I used more paint in one session than I have ever before 
  • I used big, big brushes instead of my tiny miniature ones
  • I painted from a photograph and from a still life
  • And I finished the paintings I started in the same day!
Craziness!! Can you see why my head hurt?  :)  And then you may ask,  "what does the egg series have to do with this?" The answer is - I brought a couple of my started eggs (as I wondered if this approach was what they needed) and asked Michele if I may, instead of a blank canvas, take her approach/technique and apply it to my eggs. She was supportive! 

Surprisingly it kinda felt like I was jumping off a very high bridge into the water below - completely letting go....

My first attempt on an egg.....
The second egg.....
What do you think? Personally, I'm re-enthused with my eggs! I can hardly wait to continue work on the other 10.... Stay tuned....  :)

I thought I'd share also with you the paintings of a summer bouquet:

Instructor Michele's still life - such yummy texture and loose stroke!
My interpretation.... (I can see my stroke tighten up....)
Granted it's going to involve some conscious effort to hang onto this new technique, but I definitely think the process is rewarding. So we'll just have to see where this fits into the whole of it all.....