Friday, August 17, 2012

I have an idea.....

And it involves circles of all sizes (even though I started out small to just see where this idea would lead me). After drawing out circles about 2 1/2" in diameter, I got out my jigsaw:

and then I got out my drill:

I took my newly cut buttons and used velcro to stick them to my handles. I then started applying encaustic medium.....

I decided I would try out a few ideas (Tiny Little Houses, polka dots, flowers etc), just getting a feel for what would work or wouldn't. Below shows a few steps into my process:

 Layers of other mediums into it further give you the end result (well, at least for the idea itself - I still have to play around with my idea on what to do with them - stay tuned!)

So have you guessed it? They are buttons! So very exciting, don't you think? I'm quite pleased with the end result and have come away with the conclusion: my Tiny Little Houses don't belong on such buttonscapes but instead in their own landscapes without any circles cut. I love the polka dots and the flowers work, too.... I think it's best to go simple in design for such buttonness, but there are such possibilities within it all yet to explore! I'll keep you posted.....

Color Theory Revisited

Way back in my college years, I took the required color theory courses. At that time I did not paint and instead had focused my attention on printmaking (specifically creating intaglios) which was done using black ink. All that knowledge about color most likely went by the wayside as it wasn't put to any use.... After graduating, when I slowly started learning on my own how to paint, I choose my paints based on their ability to fulfill my desire for rich, deep, and intense color.

Jumping forward to the painting class I took last year, I determined then there was a lot I didn't know (or remember) from college and that I could benefit from a color theory refresher. My instructor offered to assist me in my motivation to learn..... 

Granted it turned out to be a year later from last year, when I finally felt ready to follow this intention and enrolled in one of her classes.  I had no idea what I didn't know! I first created a color wheel using my usual colors. I loved seeing how my palette related to itself!

She then had me take the secondary colors and mix them equally. I then added white to each new color to create 4 lighter values. So many options of color! I had no idea I had this range of possiblitity in my paint box..... 

I, for the first time in painting, used odorless mineral spirits to clean my brushes in between colors. I also used a palette knife for mixing my colors (so much better than using a brush!), went through many paper towels, and got oil paint seemingly everywhere. Six hours later, I was so tired, but so very excited to take what I learned and apply it to my work. As always, stay tuned  :)

Paint Over or Under Paint? Part 2

A bit of time ago, I posted about this idea.... And so I went with my curiosity to see where it would lead me. Taking what could have been interpreted as finished and not well-liked (by me), I pushed the boundary of it all and continued a new painting upon then this foundation. Below is the result. I have to say, I definitely like this painting better for its details and layers that have resulted from this additional time spent. And best of all, I had fun doing it!  :)

don't you just love the yard?

Oil Painting on Wood!

It's hard to believe I hadn't picked up a paint brush, with fresh oil paint on it, in almost a year. At times this bothered me, but I always did deep down know the desire to paint with oil would return. And when it did, it would come back new and exciting, yet familiar as an old friend. 

The painting below was one I had started years ago. For the last number of years, the wooden canvas and the acrylic finger-painted foundation had been sitting in my studio waiting for inspiration to strike. (I had cut the wood myself, and though it's hard to see, had made 2 vertical cuts - approx. 5" in from each end. I intend to hinge this triptych all together..... so as always, stay tuned to see the end result).

Intentionally, I approached the roughened-out image with what I had learned in the class I took last year. Expressive brushstroke, paint applied in a loose yet deliberate manner.  What do you think? 

23 3/4" w x 7 3/4" h

I found the whole experience to be wonderfully freeing and thoroughly enjoyable. As this is just one of many layers to come (as I have an idea! (on where this painting is going)), please stay tuned. I look forward to sharing this process with you  :)

oil paint thickly applied (for me) - colors laid down on top of and closely to each other


As promised in one of my previous posts, I'm catching you up to speed on what I've been up to. The above painting seems from so long ago.... Regardless, I'm thrilled with how it all came together. Tiny Little Houses + a style reminiscent of my oil paintings on pieces of reclaimed old wood and doors + the encaustic medium = Bingo!

This piece (still untitled! yikes! I do not like that, but haven't taken the time to figure it out.... any ideas please let me know!) and my other most recent encaustic and mixed medium encaustic landscapes can be found at the Northfield Arts Guild ~ Northfield, MN is a wonderful day trip from here in case you are looking for such an experience......