Sunday, March 25, 2012

Stools for the foot or other

I plan on working with the existing paint color and character of the legs.
The other day my dear artist friend, Patty, and I went to Northfield for a much-needed day of art exploration. As we waited for Swag (one of our destinations) to open, we wandered into various shops along the main street of downtown.

It didn't take long before I had found and purchased 2 adorable little footstools from one of the antique shops. Filled with such character and possibility! I just couldn't resist!

I haven't taken the time to see which of my Organic Digital Designs will suit each of these, but I have no worry. As all things do, it will fall into place in its own time and place..... As always, stay tuned!
I love these legs! and really don't mind the covering either....

and look at this shape! perfectly heart-like, don't you think?

Friday, March 23, 2012

Completely inspired in a spiral-ly sort of way

sharpie on paper captured my idea.....
We went to see the movie, The Lorax, the other night and oh! it was so wonderful! Not only for the important message of taking care of Mother Earth, but the colors, the shapes of it all! I walked out of the theater with my mind completely awake with the images that had soaked in over the span of an hour and a half. I just had to sketch out an idea for an encaustic landscape for one of my Tiny Little Houses. Can't you just see it? As always, stay tuned!

I absolutely love the trees!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

How to Step or Not

That does seem to be the question of late as the musings have continued in and throughout my studio.

I'm finding the always present "how" to be at conflict with my ideal of process. Through my ponderings and noodlings I have come to the conclusion that our society is all about the how of it all which results in the loss and lack of appreciation for the process. How do I do this? How do I create a name for myself? How shall I create a work of art, a body of amazing paintings that will sell over and over?

I think instead we need to supportive-ly ask ourselves and one another what is the next best thing? As each step is completed, the question is asked again, what is the next best thing? (Of course, the idea is to not get ahead of yourself as that will lead you very quickly to envisioning the end result which then won't allow you to intuitively guide yourself step to step, piece by piece.)

In my head I'm asking myself (right now), how do I do this? this ideal I propose and acknowledge? I then so easily get myself all in a tizzy trying to figure out the how of it all - wound up stuck and unable to step in any one direction that I need to slow my breath and ask what is the next best thing for me right now regardless of my fear of the future and what it may or may not hold.....