Monday, November 28, 2011

The corner turned

Combined with my interpretation of a recent critique and with my latest found inspiration (it's quite curious how this mental processing all works out during the process of it all - all the way to the end), I went to work the other day in my studio with a newfound sense of direction. I'm quite excited by the results! 

As you can see, the foundation of which my Tiny Little Houses are built upon are becoming more of a focal point. There is grass and hills and checker board grounds..... I feel I am finding the balance between the simple and rich beauty of the medium and the ability to combine different patterns and forms all together in one piece. 

What do you think?

Monday, November 21, 2011

Latest inspiration

I came across this children's book, Otis,  the other day at one of my favorite independent book stores, The Red Balloon Bookshop. I had seen it once before, but now I'm finding myself noodling around the images found on the pages of my fuzzy memory in much a different way than my initial introduction.

(I told myself at the time I can rely on my memory, but now I think I might need to just add this book to my collection for easier reference.)

The coloration and the subtle simple patterns (i.e. blades of grass seen on the cover to the left) that make up the whole are what I'm finding I'm gravitating towards.

I'm curious and eager to see what transpires from this renewed acquaintance..... As always, stay tuned.

Friday, November 11, 2011

The next step

There is progression found everywhere. From sunrise to noon to sunset, from the bud of a flower to the flower to the pod, from buying groceries to fixing a meal to eating... Nothing is the same from moment to moment as each being/experience follows it's path of life.

I think the same goes for a series of artwork. The creation process also follows a progression. What has been discovered and learned in the past will dictate what step comes next in the future. I love the lack of stagnation and this means there are only unlimited possibilities. The only limit is ourselves.

And so I received my order the other day, new pigmented cakes of beeswax from R&F. I have an idea and it involves my tiny little houses and the addition of iridescent pewter, iridescent pearl, iridescent german silver and iridescent brass (which is much brighter than I anticipated, but who knows? this may be a blessing in disguise!). So as always, stay tuned and see what comes next into the world of my tiny little houses  :)

Friday, November 4, 2011

The finishing touches....

are taking place in the studio as I prepare for this weekend's large studio event, Art Attack. I first attach the custom frames to the boxes that make up the wax background for each and then I gently secure a tiny little house in the center of it all. Add the hardware and my signature on the back and they are ready to go! 

My Tiny Little Houses, are making their debut! and I'm quite excited to share them with everyone! If you are in town, I hope you can stop by  :)